October 1, 2012

Worship in the Cinema - Tuesday Oct. 2nd @ 8pm

Join us in the Cinema (located on the ground floor of the Johnson Center between Jazzman’s & Dewberry Hall) at 8pm every Tuesday. We have a great team of leaders to lead us through singing, prayer, Scripture, a message, communion and of course free cookies to follow. The Scripture is “Romans 8:31-39” and the Message will be “No Matter How Far!” Everyone is invited. We hope to see you there!

Brown Bag Theology in Campus Ministry Room (Johnson Center room 239H) - Wednesday Oct. 3rd @ 12:00 (noon)

Every Wednesday Arise will have an open discussion group call “Brown Bag Theology.” We hope to challenge you each work in Worship and have offered this time to talk with one another about the things discussed at Worship the night before. The group will be led by Mark and will end by 12:50. So bring your lunch and an open mind. We hope to see you there!

Freshman/Sophomore Small Group Johnson Center (Guys in Room 244 with Tim & Girls in Room 243 with Lindsey) - Thursday Oct. 4th at 7pm

With all the pressures of school and life around it’s extremely important to have a group of people who can hold you up and journey with you. Knowing that the first years of college brings different challenges and excitement than any other group on campus, all freshman & sophomore students will be in small groups with other freshmen & sophomores. These groups are also divided into men and women groups. The guys will be with Tim in room 244 and the girls will be with Lindsey in room 243. So come and learn more about God, each other and yourself. Hope to see you there!

For more information on upcoming events visit our website www.arise.gmu.edu, check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/arisegmu or follow us on Twitter @AriseGMU. If you have questions about Arise or are looking to get involved contact the Campus Minister for Arise Mark Montgomery at mmontg10@gmu.edu